Impacting Lives Programs

Women Health & wellness clinics


We offer health care tools and resources to the women and children in Benin city communities and villages. The volunteers in our center are equipped to educate young women with the necessary information about hygiene, safe sex, parental care. Children are given love in an unlimited supply.

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Care Center

Emergency medical services can be offered to help pregnant women.

This nonprofit foundation supports the community out of the act of love. Partnering with local medical clinics to 

provide support and care to single mothers, widows and orphan children (0 to 12). Who do not have any  financial means for medical services, shelter or food. 

The mothers and children find temporary refuge at our shelters who  have been abandoned or  have fallen into unfortunate abusive life circumstance.

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Skills Training Center


Each one, teach one

Providing the self sustaining skills to  establish hope in the lives of those who otherwise couldn't.

Our foundation offers resources to mothers such as continued education, sewing, computers, administrative business skills. Children are provided with school scholarships.

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